The Epsilons Rare EP – “The Deathbox Recordings”

May 12, 2009

The Epsilons live at Evol in Cape Town

I’ve uploaded a rare album of Cape Town band “The Epsilons” – The Deathbox Recordings EP – have a listen:

internet WANT / do not WANT

March 3, 2009


Right, this is it, it all ends here:

1.0 Facebook. It’s great, it doesn’t suck, you just have to use it like it was meant to be used. Easy, now stop whining, delete those idiots/apps/add-on’s and start using the most powerful and wonderful social service on the planet. PS – status updates work better as meeting reminders for your friends, if you want to let people know how you’re feeling, see 2.0 below.

2.0 Twitter is fantastic, yes, if you follow a followable amount of people, not 1,456. I follow at most 50, and update that list all the time. I use it mostly as a diary but like to update newsworthy stuff happening up-to-the-minute. That’s when Twitter shines. Oh, and Twitteriffic is brilliant.

3.0 Flickr is the only blog I will ever contribute money to and stay loyal with. It’s great, no way around it. And it’s owned by Yahoo. Haha.

4.0 WordPress is great too. The only thing I can’t understand is why people tweet about starting a new WordPress blog, EVERY DAY. What’s the point? Coverage? How the hell are you going to keep 50 blogs interesting? How much time do you have, anyway? Keep it simple and relevant, don’t update every day just to update every day.

5.0 There are too many on-line geeks in SA. Almost everybody on Muti, Twitter and WordPress blog about tech. Is it really so lucrative to blog about tech? I understand new shit comes to light every hour, but you can access that information ANYWHERE .

6.0 I hate Web-awards and comment trophies. Because they are the reason why you get clogged with “vote4me” crap. They mean nothing and never will. If you have a high hit-rate then good for you, if you make $10 everytime someone reads your blog fantastic. Keep it up – just leave the rest of us alone.

7.0 Internet jargon piss me off. Like drugs, they’re fun at first but after a while they wear you down. Just stop it.

8.0 Use a different identity for your online banking / purchases. I remember the first time I started “signing in” to sites back in 1997. Passwords were crap, every OS had a back door and information was freely available everywhere. We were and still are very naive about releasing personal information. And Africa is getting more and more hooked up, so sooner or later you’re going to Get It, trust me.

9.0 Having a blog doesn’t make you special. It doesn’t make you important. Having something to say on a public platform is available to anyone to shoot their mouths at. Just because your readership is in the thousands doesn’t mean you’re right. Watch what you say – people are real. Shit spreads quicker than honey.

10.0 Having said that, I personally don’t give a flying fuck about anyone I don’t personally know online. I don’t ever pickfights or push scandal, so if the post of my dogs ass offends you, I don’t care.

11.0 All my blogs are mostly an “online diary backup”. I like to go back a couple months to see what I did and what I said. I have folders on my computer with images taken almost hourly with my phone dating back about 6 years. All arranged neatly. Most of that arrives online.

12.0 I LOVE: RSS, Delicious, Wikipedia, iGoogle, YouTube, Last.FM, Take2, Skype and related services – the net could easily end here.

13.0 I use Posterous a lot. I link it to my email group as a backup. It works perfectly – altho I keep expecting the server to crunch with all the uploads.

14.0 And last but not least: yes I HAVE seen that image of the panda – pls don’t tweet it with tinyurl – if you think it’s so classic then attach it to a blog.

So yes – I feel lighter. This list will probably grow from here.

I’m in advertising

March 2, 2009


Hi, I’m in advertising, so I get to work on the latest campaigns thru the latest mediums using the latest tools and claim the agency process as my own personal achievement. The work my creative director finally approves looks great and my friends respect me for this. I get important job titles and industry awards which don’t reflect my salary and are the motivation for all the late nights I spend in the studio. I am valuable because I get a three day pass to Design Indaba, but hate it when I’m told I must share it with the new guy. I blog about all the meetings I must attend as though they form a part of my personal to-do list. The famous people I meet thru photo shoots and production meetings are rolled out as acquaintances on Flickr posts. Small talk at business functions make me look busy and well-connected. I’m satirical about my industry to cover for the mold I’ve cast myself in. I have no time for you because you don’t know what it’s all about, although we may work together in the future, so give me your number and we can get together sometime. I will be your best friend, as long as you make me look good.

Same shit, different smell

February 19, 2009

Idiocy is in the eye of the beholder. Yesterday I came across a series of naive old cigarette ads and had a particularly good chuckle at this:

Doctors Smoke

Ah yes, the good old days. How things have changed. How far we have come. Who would have ever thought that this type of advertising would be legal, effective or smart.

Now look at this:


“Be top of the food chain”

Wow – talk about underestimating your market. I have long been a supporter of the thought that the SUVs of today are our answer to the cigarettes of yesterday. Everyone knows it, but nobody cares. Shit, people still smoke! Think about it.


Meet Mr Business Man. Well spoken, forward thinking and a caring provider for himself and his family. Business Man is smart. Smarter than you. He rides above all his opponents in a nice big SUV. In times like these, he prides himself on who he is. Capitalism killed Jesus. And it killed the environment too. And it produces people like Mr. Business Man here, people who fall for our ploys, our plays on words, our clever thoughts through structures, clothes and use of colour. He is his own top of the food chain, and he’s eating himself. He is protected from the world by chrome bumpers and 6-way airbags. He’s chuckling about the advert too, because he just quit smoking a while ago. He’s a unique part of the system and doesn’t care that in 50 years or so the world is going to be laughing at him in the same way they’re laughing about Mr Doctor up there. Laughing in the bad way. Jeering. Money doesn’t make the world go around. Money makes smart people stupid. And being stupid is one thing, everybody loves a fool, but the smart fool, the one that manages and directs and produces and governs without realising that the world is jeering are the special ones. They’re the bad smell in empty lifts. They’re the ones that pull in front of you wearing leather tassels on sparkling Harley Davidsons. The new dumb that just don’t give a shit about anything but themselves and their lawyers. The ones with too much to lose.

My life as a Gamer

February 18, 2009

A while back I received a free* Xbox360 with my mobile phone upgrade. I don’t know anything about gaming, so I reviewed some games online and decided fuckit – if I’m going to entertain myself I’ll get something violent. So I bought Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. First thing I realised when I started it all up was that I’m going to need to spend a lot more money. These things need HD, proper sound, internet connections and battery chargers. But I love it. Even on 52cm. I love it so much that I started recognising assault rifles on the news. The attacks in Mumbai were like another game level – they even rappelled from helicopters. My dad watched me play the other day and made remarks on my strategy. So this is how I found myself with a screenful of hi-res images of the Steyr AUG PARA at work today without realising that a client service person with traffic lady were standing behind me. Like something out of Bowling for Columbine.

War reporting and what I’m not doing with my life

February 18, 2009

So I watched War Photographer last night. A documentary about James Nachtwey. This kind of thing always leads me to thinking about what the fuck I’m doing with myself. My talents as somebody gifted in the art of communication and public persuasion is currently wasted on promoting the face of business strategies around South Africa and the rest of the world. How easy would it be to leave and start something new – something that would help my fellow man in a constructive way. Expose the cruelties of life. Document everything – splash it forward – start a movement. Get people involved. Be famous? Be humble. Be satisfied in my daily grind. I think the first person to start something that finally gets the masses off their feet re: the whole State Of The Planet is going to be very rich. At this stage it was late, around 12am on a school night, so with these thoughts slicing through my head for the 100th time in 12 years I decided to watch an episode of Entourage, just for a bit of perspective. Ari Gold makes me laugh, he also has a huge write up on wikipedia, which is just as funny. I think if Ari Gold and James Nachtwey had to meet they’d pass right through one another, like in the Matrix. If life starts at 40, I hope the world is watching.

Supper at home..

February 18, 2009

I’m currently staying with my parents and my dad is a gastronomical genius. He experiments with stuff out of the norm, and takes great pleasure in it. I think a history as a dental technician has focused his concentration – esp with cakes, cookies and mixing chocolates from around the world. Last night was no different. First he pours me a glass of 9 year old Riesling from the Tulbach region in the Western Cape, saying it’s going to compliment our meal:

Dad's supper

Damn right it did. So the salad up there is a simple mixed green salad with radish slices. The mashed potato has a bit of marjoram for funk (this is why I always add marjoram to mash – try it, you’ll like it). But the special part is the boerie there. Ostrich (NB) boerewors flash fried in dry white wine (the Riesling). On the side take some apple slices and fry up with sugar and cinnamon. Add onions and some more wine and combine with the boerie. Don’t know what other trickery he used here but the meal blew me over. Sweet fragrant boerie with mash and radish salad. Holy crap.

2nd post, over lunch

February 17, 2009

Well let’s see. Yesterday I watched “Milk” and “The Wrestler” from the comfort of my parents house, feet up on a wooden stool lying accross the bed. I am currently busy with a CI manual for Sanlam and have just completed the column wraps, banners, speaker program and magazine cover for Design Indaba 2009 conference. My weekend was spent watching movies downloaded and stored on the server at work, climbing Lions Head, supper at Fabulous, helping Ot move into his new apartment, lunch at Kriege’s Pub, strolling around a flea market on Sunrise beach, cocktails at Cape To Cuba and cricket at the office. My day is a meddley of meetings, interruptions, signing off DTP lasers and conceptualising calendars. The office temperature is a cool 21 degrees while the view outside my window indicates a windless day: 33 deg celcius with a humidity level of 28% according to my iGoogle. I have just finished a modest lunch of a lovely vintage cheese (on special at woolies) with a fig jam on rye. My Twitteriffic icon turns blue every couple of seconds with mildly interesting rubbish from mostly technologically-inclined people I do not know. Alex just twittered “bjorn borg”. The rest of the day will be spent indicating how logos/ads/brochures must be used and in which colour, while listening to “Mallix’s Recommendations” radio on Last.FM. I have sweaty palms at the thought of the Metallica tribute at Mercury on Friday. Have organised pre-drinks with a clump of friends. But that is then and now is now.

So, a blog…

February 17, 2009

Well, I have another blog. I don’t usually like to blog in this format, as I am a designer, and more visual than anything else. Or so I’m told.